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tion to aconitine in tic douloureux even in the absence of

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near the ccecum or in the ileum. If near the rectum the patient

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cent result is not fully appreciated by those Vfho decry

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are the outgrowth of artificial surroundings. They cannot be

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lymphatic system may manifest itself by attacking the inguinal

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if they would suckle their oifspring owing to their own physical

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the supernatant liquid is poured off and carefully pre

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cessive lienionliage was suihcient reason tor stopping

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case but justly considered as consequence not as cause of the con

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an enterprising and most successful farmer Mr Simpson

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cows a few enlarged lymph follicles may be found. Therefore

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steadily gazing at her but I said firmty and confidently that

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taining almost the proportions of a considerable epidemic.

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bruit was heard the former was loud over the sternum and

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their throats while a third threw the potatoes and hunches of

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time the garbage is not collected properly even deccntlv. In

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complements Bordet and Ehrlich both agree that haemolysis and bac

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with the Administration. Our hearing this morning is the begin

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days after maiTiage is not unfi equently a distinct

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the difficulties previously experienced in examining cases of ocular

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internal secretion but does so by nerve influences passed along

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he usee the word innate or inborn. What he wishes to express

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general method is the same as in typhoid fever. When the tem

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in both sexes and where met with in obvious extent should deter

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the cases. The theory of probabilities the law of averages

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whirlpools and basaltic caverns that yawned around them and

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mous amounts or litres. One of my patients passed as much as

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copious dilution bleeding the warm bath opiate frictions enemata of mutton

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upwards of twelve months after the removal of the disease and

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of the disease but did not go beyond C. Angina also was

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