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continuing improvement of peer review; more thoroughly
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disease utider consideration, is almost, or quite, pat hog-
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have made, perhaps, more of a sensation for the time be-
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to be spared the disgrace and mortification attendant upon either, should it hap-
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prominent, symptom. This, as well as anorexia, is serious from the inter-
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irritability, weakness, palpitations, chest pains, body and joint
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grayish sediment from the union of the silver with the epithelium and
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18,000 inquiries from professional and lay people were handled during the year.
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to decide what this one common action of all the methods is; essentially
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should be excised, and an end-to-end anastomosis effected in
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another artery was ruptured deep down near the outer lower
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which the remainder is undergoing a more or less forcible compression
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Recurring Jaundice in Four Successive Pregnancies with Fatal
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tbe coontry. In 1850 tbe disease was present in Mexico, and also in some of tbe
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and even the source of the haemorrhage could not be detected.
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thorities, for government has an interest at this point.
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vide into one ounce cakes. One to be dissolved in half a pint
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two by ovum forceps. In the fourth case the child was
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drachms of bitartrate of potassa dissolved in water
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than simply to bury the corpse and disinfect the sur-
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teach us whether the affection of the nutrition depends <m anest of
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as the liver is normally concerned in the decomposition of lactic
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In- one of my communications I referred to the fact that the
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servation ofindividuarexistence; and in favour of the continuance
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relieved by an anodyne. Quinine should be administered all
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of the rectum, in which two constant folds are found, the lower plica coccygea, the
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mittent pressure, hence the weakening of these ligaments
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eral practice of medicine has accomplished its mission and the general
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recumbent posture. Urination fa often performed spasmodically, or there
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traction may be so powerful as to force the child at once
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lines of demarkation between the possible central or periph-
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