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did sacrifice consistency to expediency in the decision they

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has lost its oldest medical practitioner. Born in Ayrshire in

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succeeded by a period of calm. These places will therefore have

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just as vigorous as though the diagnosis of syphilis were

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burn during life, and one containing air, a burn after death. I have per-

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other two needles are put, one on each side of the first, but still

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ment than has been exercised hitherto, proteids and higher in fat ought to be given

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action as chloral hydrate, in doses of 40-60 grains.

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results in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis have

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in Volume xiv of Nothnagel's Specielle Pathologie and Therapie (just

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it. A curse is invoked on every one who drinks it, buys it, sells

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sions may appear, followed by stupor and paralysis. Lividity of the

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most often follows ; at times it ruptures into the lung

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measures i'in. in diameter, and contains hair and sebaceous matter.

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instantaneous life- destroyer, but excessive exposure to the

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prison, it was thought that they must have been discharged before the end of

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to the one observed by Dr. Kinnicutt. The writer con-

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that of a millet-seed to that of a swan-shot ; nay, the cavities may

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sufferer, and a small, soft tumor is felt, which is

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them, or in such position in relation to them as exposes the habitation to

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tion is now often so evident that a puncture has not nnfre-

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will be honorable to the age, to their own memories, and to the progress

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Fenger, and observed by careful surgeons generally,

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Anthrax protein is not essential to the reactions and mechanism

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by removal of the affected testis should not be allowed to become

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that the injunction was always to rise from the table hungry.

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cure. Among the structures disease of which is a frequent cause of tic dou-

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more or less fever. At the same time with the acute

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bility, congelation of the tissues was not produced.

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will be noted, however, that this diminution is more marked with the

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Medical Association, 1323 South Minnesota Avenue, Sioux

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terms of the Harvard Medical School. Usually prompt,

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eral Acids, 587; Carbon Dioxid, 587; COj as an Index of Vitia-

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oi influenza bacilli. Our successful results both with rabbit immune and human

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