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Urticaria is benefited by rest, cool clothing, sedative lotions, such as
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" I have lately had great assistance from the intelligent and
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John Hughlings Jackson, M.D. St. Andrew's, 28, Bed-
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force her to submission by war or by starvation. Only the
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In reganl to the time of healing, oidy slight differences
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after scooping out about one-third of the tumor piece-
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and certain chronic diseases as syphilis. In all these cases the
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llrtM. Urett niao-Atd Scorn da,™ duca-tt , OrAtA. {tAc IhrtLa^x/ /J
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often nonnal in amount, and is sometimes even in a state of exabemt
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The results of pyogenic infections among natives are very
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of squeezing with the hands ; the legs are completely para-
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follow a very slight infection of malaria, and that the severity of the attack
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these structures possess extraordinary powers of regeneration. Even after
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stitched to the freed left half of the upper lip, and the upper, LEGH, attached
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sea. He landed at Quebec in May, 1851, and went to Westminster, near London,
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ruption, may sometimes prove useful. Formerly, section of the painful nt*rvf
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four hours, when the peculiar long, icicular crystals of chloral-
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in outline, and, on examination under the microscope, was
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** The unanimous selection of Boston as the next place of session
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and sugar is still absent from his urine, which is subjected to a
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by dilating the urethra sufficiently to enable me to get my little finger
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enjoyed uninterrupted health from the date of the operation, and an en tiro
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Beach 90801-1428. (213) 595-381 1, or (714) 856-5414, UCI Exten-
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whites. Deaths from excessive cold and exposure were leading causes of injury mortality for
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If there is much fever, and the child is two years old, or over, eight
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produces periodical fever is not capable of producing typhus, that producing
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*^'* This gentleman's ideas as to the origin of vital force may be shortly
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Chir., Berl., 1899, lix, 57-66.— von HralTt-Ebing (R.)
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We cannot pretend to have noticed all the valuable contents
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lants. Their use in such cases is most reprehensible.
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rapidly teaching us what varieties of fractures are best treated by opera-
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■■" Schuft") has been Von Graefe's assistant in opera-
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The doctrine of infinite change and development, if not limited, he
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or bodily conditions, is sufficiently contravened liy the great frequency of
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the National Assembly the Minister of Public Instruction
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and partial auassthesia of the right side of the face, but
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crease in the size of the arteries commences, not where it ought to

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