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Sporogony, according to Brumpt, in Placobdella cateniyera

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have similar foods, professedly prepared in a similar

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when one abscess has been evacuated, whether another yet

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I will now proceed to describe the cases of each group,

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sources — the phrenic nerve and the last six intercostal nerves.

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the soft palate was imperfectly raised, and the uvula turned somewhat

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(Laennec's) theory France and England took a temporal'}' precedence

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express an opinion upon the same subject, as lately brought

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this stimulant could but rarely be obtained. It appears generally, if not universally, during

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chemical functioning of muscles that superinduces the dis-

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stated in a communication accompanying tlie manuscript, and no

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up around it to such an extent that it would have been impossible to

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and for a few minutes I could not exercise the power of

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sidered the vagina should be the correct method. The use of

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relief of* the tension undoubtedly produced in these cases) to tne great proba-

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system of teaching in our great medical schools. At present most of our

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the first place, to point out what I conceive to be

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m it. Scotch snuff is said to be used for this purpose. Tobacco owes its

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An adept in the use of the laryngoscope enjoys the great advantage

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nitric acid ; nitrate of magnesia keeps some of the urea dissolved

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appearance of pus does not at all signify that the antrum is

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The MSMA is unaware of any scientific evidence that

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of office-based physicians who participate in Medic-

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The controversy over the nature of lupus has been enlivened and in-

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school, but was obliged to leave from headache and sleepiness, which continued

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munication with Constantinople and with the town of Dardanelles,

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