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and filled with spots plainly seen with the eye. The

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who is living in retirement at Southampton. Mr. Water-

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such a growth as true carcinoma of either the testicle,

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membrane. In these cases we have — to use the language of a late

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delirium and black vomit came on, and notwithstanding all our

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lessened, and the artizan is cold and chilly. This leads to

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Milk, and How to Avert Them." Recent investigations have

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stances', and especiaUy in children, the oleine carried

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treatment, and in the end brought about the nation's

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internus downwards, about half an inch from the edge of the patella,

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Expanding and Strengthening the Surgeon General' 's Office 176

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ment that he had noted had not come as the result more

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other therapeutic intervention. It is now the rare phy-

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intend remembering the formula (Renol), and shall resort to it in such cases as refuse

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surgical cases. Patients admitted at any hours of the day or night but as a

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made its appearance. During her convalescence, the convul-

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Particular attention is to be directed to the examina-

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acid-base equilibrium of the blood in naturally nephropathic ani-

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Homibrook, J. W., and Nelson, K. R. ; An institutional

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adiposus; by edema or emphysema of the chest-wall. (See Fig. 17.)

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receive a cordial welcome from his old associates, should he

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*h e '"^nal P 8 * 118 auc * meteorism may be relieved by mustai-d

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