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with some of the other forms of this disease. As regards our-

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end is attached a malleable shank, with a round or oval

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taken place with equal certainty and rapidity. Even after the

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rage. Shelf after shelf was examined, but that speci-

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Boys seem more apt to get the disease than girls, a fact which Fothei"-

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limbs of him whose mental ruin was his only crime. At its bid-

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oped in the pelvis, which was opened per vaginam and drained, and the

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cases of tabes examined by Strauss, digestive glucosuria resulted

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these cases. In recent years, as our knowledire of nerve syjjhilis has increased,

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takes almost the same place as does calcium in the mammals, constituting

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into my trunk, by my wife, in place of an empty bottle ; — she not

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S. Schanck, (with encl.,) Dr. Thos. Johnson, (with encl.,) — New

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