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result of fluid accumulation. 2. Pathologically and clinically

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doubtedly, depend upon the commercial would lead one to believe, especially by the

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80 far developed that its symptomatic charactfirs are well mark<-<).

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the back, carrying loads of rushes to fill a hole, in order to

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is thick from excess of urates, and of a deep-brownish color from

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of calculus died from uraemia. The autopsy revealed large calculi in both

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Robert H. Hayes, Chairman. .. .185 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago

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as above, or any of the Company's Ageacles and Braaches

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stances \Ve are able to be reasonably certain of the nature of the tumor

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special care, that they may develop to their maximum, and also

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hygienic surroundings, and we yet seek the full explana-

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I saw him began to have pain in the right big toe and then in the right foot,

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Papers," and gave its matron an assistant on account of her "tender

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between the anatomical and the etiological classifica-

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Tubenatresie. Monatschr. f. Ohrenh., Berl.. 1897, xxxi, 281-

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less by financial gain than by the desire to heal and to

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Very fat subjects are not so suitable for long preservation. Before

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doubt whether this collection of cases really represents the collective

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rooms in which charcoal is allowed to burn without ventilation.

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that of saliva, and probably in this way accelerates the

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lymph will do all that Koch's does, while the objections

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postponed until the head rests safely in the socket and the

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bicycle spokes were stolen from Jap bicycles and were

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The following general formula is given for the preparation of

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in all but very exceptional cases there are great changes in the

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improvement attributable to its use. Holt' says the conditions

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it did not even produce any mark. Nevertheless, he was seized

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along, as indicated in the history given by Dr. Gosnell,

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This doctrine was supposed to be the invention of the father

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during the first feverish attacks. Concerning the first-named condition, it is true

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H. A. COTTELL, M. D., M. F. COOMES, A. M., M. [)., Editors.

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with sudden pain and difficulty of respiration, its progress is gradual,

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are loaded with heavy weights during the period of their growth,

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The occurrence of such profound shock, without loss of

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on the sound side, causes a lessened irritability of the af-

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generally, that from 21 to 26 per cent of the total number of

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an error on tljo part of the mother, or "vvhen, as more frc(iiicntly

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along with a molar tooth of that side, to which roughened and dead

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Association on May 22d, said: "The well-known and es-

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ment, and the exclusion of other affections of the liver involving increase of

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