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and there are 4 legs and 4 arms; the bodies grow front to

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Htpeb^sthesia of tlie bladder is most oommonlj seen in indiĀ«

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they lay, as an eyewitness said, " like herrings'^ one above the other !

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surprising that serious accidents or sequences are not

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the skin becomes livid, and a distinct fluctuation may be felt that is con-

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Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD 21205; (301) 955-8594.

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applying the water hot enough and long enough to produce a deep

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cut short. The time of sitting up is increased about

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6th. The effects, immediate and remote, were fully set forth, and the danger

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that eight fatal cases of cholera have occurred in Bristol,

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be normal resonance if the cavity is covered by a layer of unaffected air-cells

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sometimes endeavour to remedy it, either by omitting the ob-

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a case for Mr. Nunnelly's peculiar method, for it was necessary to make

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albumen be applied to fissured nipples after nursing, and

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specific action against the typhoid bacillus, but it

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known waddling motion. The soft parts are nearly all shortened, owing

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decency on the part of those with whom they were compelled to asso-

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central organs, a chain of processes intervening between stimulation and

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a case of left hemiplegia with aphasia occurring suddenly without loss of

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visitation. In Egypt 800,000 died in 1792. The latest

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Puerperal nephritis stands somewhat by itself so far as prognosis is con-

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staphylococci which grow in bunches. Those oiganisms

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some behoving that he should defer this until the second session,

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entered minutely into details of the thirty six fatal cases,

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one-third do-wn. The boy walked well, and without support,

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2. The pleura show signs of a diffuse, exudative pleuritis,

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the sudden compression of air in the meatus, whiclx

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infusion of yellow flowers and saffron for jaundice, an

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ance of this mineral-acid treatment. The extreme sensitiveness of the intes-

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acquirements the habits of rapid decision and prompt execution

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Antipyrin. 127 cases of untoward effects ; 8 deaths ;

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fecial nerve, near tne hiatus of FaUoi>ius : also

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found naphthalin, when administered internally, to have extraordi-

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