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therapeutic work enclosed arcs should never be used because

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the bod^, but when thus intimately mixed with cow's milk it has a mechanical

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consideration is applicable here as in cases of pulmonary tuberculosis,

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1 Nepenthes, believed to be opium, is the word employed in the original.

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rface of the body. In this respect, as also in the character of the

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in greater or less degree to all those cases of phthisis in which

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that these parasites were capable of giving rise to a

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evaluated under the guidance of a professional staff of therapeutic recreation

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In a series of 37 cases the carbon dioxide tension of the

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this cause, and both terminating fatally, I have reason, I think,

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cases. Alopecia, rare. Dermatitis calorica, common.

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moned to see her die. For several hours she continued in the condition just

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excess, and offer as a cause of the supposed j cannot wear a dress which costs less than

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the fact to be that it is not so ; and it seems to me

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are useless, and even hurtful. The mixture containing free chlorine he considers

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pneumotoxin sets up a febrile condition which lasts

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force us to the same kind of conclusion as to the pathogenesis of the

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the ligature cut its way out, the result would have been a failure,

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of which eventually burst, so that the malignant cells enter the sur-

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mation ; and to this we refer all the symptoms observed. On this sup-

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The pulse becomes of less volume and lower pressure when the effusion

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ing of the countenance, the recurrent form of the seizures, the partitil nature of

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heated to a temperature of from 1000° to 1200° ; but it would appear that in

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the necrotic and congested areas accordingly result from an

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. Mucus, with a trace of animal (gelatinous?) matter 5

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suitable to it. Yet the same tonic and exciting qualities may not suit

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will be opportune until this war is won by us. A par-

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There is one series of experiments that is constantly adduced in this

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is normally pigmented and contains fat. These newly formed cells

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Apply this to the diseased part, previously bathed with a deccction

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London lodging equals the Highland or the Breton cottage,

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and of the individual, and found there the inefface-

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