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the army and the various gymnastic regulations which have grown

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but 67; and for the second year, the whole number received

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Definition. — Haematemesis and vomiting of blood do not adequate-

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After being opened, the body emits a very foetid odour.

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air vsgaa the irritated mucous membrane, which they occasion, they are

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stages in its growth, seems well determined. It has been put in the genus

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Belladonna may be combined with the bromide, and later steel wine or

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epigastric pain and distress, and was discharged, having

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factory and were discarded. The remaining 43 cases form the basis

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Riga. Stadt-Krank'eiih., 1897, 73 - 93. — Walker (J. B.)

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rapidly than in untreated cases of cancer too far advanced for surgery,

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and is usually given in one daily dose of 300 mg in adults.

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guinal hernia was removed at the external ring left an indenta-

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the attending physician, states that the disease was

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inal acts under the guise of conducting a medical institute.

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whom two thirds were foreigners. Recovered, 66 ; died, 14.

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tom was not relieved by decompression; this agrees with the usually

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Plaques of crystalline cholesterin have been found postmortem on the

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The valves were quite healthy, and none of the large

duromine 40 mg and alcohol

56, 347, 348) ; but in most instances, as we shall be merely

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The blood undergoes the usual changes of extravasated blood : at first

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occur, and it ought therefore to be known. To prevent

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In the second zone, situated immediately beneath Ihe one just

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carditis. Result : Amelioration. In this case there was a fresh attack

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nervation, especially as they occurred most frequently

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observation at a time when, on account of the narrowness of the

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Francis Howe Straus, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery.

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wife, nurse or other person having charge of said child,' but to

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Before the performance of nephrectomy one should be absolutely certain

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head, though slightly red and noticeable, was much reduced

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affected, to teach all the inmates the importance of apply-

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Stegomyia fascAata is a twilight mosquito that feeds, as a rule, early in

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