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are far larger than it is possible for the system to assimilate, so that it
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higlier up, but it would probably be more likely to give satis-
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the adrenals from these ganglia have been seen enlarged, and in one
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Sir,— The interesting editorial note on the subject of
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Consequently, the symptoms may be very varied and wide^read,
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could be felt, and it could be palpated bimanually, hub without defining
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to investigate the disease during an outbreak in Hong-Kong. Kitasato
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Ireland Wheeler, Austin Meldon, William Carte, Sir Charles Alexander
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percentages of total attacks in eacli were as follows at the
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bronchiectatic cavity, however large, may be emptied once or twice a
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thereof if he desires to do so. (2.) If one-half, then one year
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remained in bed for ten days ; at the end of four days the
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show of pictures, and it did not occur to us to ask for more. Since
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represented by a mass of loose items, should be at once taken in hand
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theatre in this country. It was built on the site of the theatre
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ment of typhoid fever would be best illustrated by a comparison
ventolin hfa price cvs
when local tenderness to pressure commences and its area progressively
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necrosis, I know that I am dealing at least with a growth in a
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the tubercular bacillus is sufficiently proved as the most cei-tain and
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although apparently well protected by specially constructed
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nal bodies, even when carefully executed, throw but little light on the cause of Addi-
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The President is convinced that you. Sir, and your colleagues, reassured
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out of danger; such is not the fact." Then, what about the
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much more rapidly if they are personally instructed by the physician

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