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from 5 to 70^^ ; Johannessen gives Uttle more, and does not wish to

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State in the year 1886 was guessed to be 1,976,264. In the

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congealed by ether, and it is neces-ary to use eitb.er a freezing

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main so long, etc. ; while we were discussing her condition, it

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rupture of an abscess into the peritoneal cavity, or by hemorrhage from some

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On the whole, I came to the conclusion that the disease in the

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ties amongst whom lepers exist to properly house, clothe, and feed

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more advisable to give, in place of this, a translation of the

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whose beneficial effects " are incontestibly proved by hun-

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that most conservative surgeons, while perhaps using his apparatus for exten-

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ders use of the catheter difficult ; or because there is evidence of a

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frequent post-mortem appearances in topers, and referred them to . a

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mends the injection of fluid. Dr. Greenhalgh considered that

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Percussion yields a clear or hyperresonant note. Dulness or impaired

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resistance to the fingers, and an abscess between the pos-

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Constipation was frequent; diarrhoea not unusual. The abdo-

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of infection in the nasal sinuses is being recorded, and in many instances

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Student to a perpetual ticket. Materials used in practical

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ard Rogers.i after a somewhat lengthy dissertation upon amebic

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proved digestion, to which, indeed, the direct action of alcohol

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His enthusiasm would have been sufficiently calmed by the

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• Carried on a continuing education program for medical assistants

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and demoralized both the lay and professional mind.

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tibia was about three inches long, and began two inches atovo

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Treatment. As to treatment, arsenic, while it has apparently bene-

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a pair of scissors a small hole, from half an inch to an inch in

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tion there had been a gradually-increasing number of

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adequate appreciation from the psychiatrist, on whom

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remote causes or contagions, as those of scarletina,

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organisms. A comparison with d-sorbitol would have been interest-

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From 1| to 3 hours after the injection of the proteose prepara-

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physicians who spend a portion of their time as anesthet-

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Lard has also fallen in foreign demand. The United States sells

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they may be divided into three groups — (a) primordial, of early develop-

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from poisonous canned beans, by I^andmann. The presence of the or-

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tized, we consider it an evidence, that we have uot a knowledge of all

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dissolve the aloes in water by means of a water-bath, and when

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somewhat more stress on intrauterine infection than is generally

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what is a mere passing and subordinate morbid condition.

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