Walmark Benosen Opinie

of the two Siegfrieds: "I must stop; my head's getting bad."
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portion of the spleen from the above case. In about three days
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for example, a rat— on one side, this nerve will present two
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demonstrated the action of Weiss's new instrument as
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a flourish of trumpets is never wanting on the closely-printed wrapper)9,
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Some discussion followed, in which the author's views
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length of time complete rest should be insisted upon. Much must depend
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speak hereafter, especially in relation to the risks of those
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to indicate that the former was the correct hypoth-
of absorption, owing to the diffusive power of the cellulose wadding.
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tion is one of the most common as well as one of the earliest of the
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terial decision can furnish no precedent on a question of this kind. This
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as " chronic myelitis," or under some even less precise
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become so strained or weakened, and in which the vaginal outlet is so loose
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tion or curing it, but very great good comes from surgical operations, in
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Moat, Hammel, Crowell, Weidanz, Stelos, Landau, and Gu-

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