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The nature of nerve-force has been the subject of much specula-
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pression of a fissure, but there are no protruding hemorrhoids. As
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ad experienced some of the joy that came with a moderately
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disturbed sleep, in a weary waking in the morning, bad taste in the mouth, and
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b. A portion of the lactalbumin, as it exists along with
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ach and duodenum. It is capable of inducing vesication of
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Philadelphia. Publication Office: The Francis Clark Wood Institute, The College of Physicians
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to state that we have failed, when the sooner we resort to open
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tained a trace of albumin with a few leukocytes. That
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to find that she had been exposed to any case of poliomyelitis prior to
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fever, the doctor is looking for leucocylosis. Leucocy-
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fatal ; both following gonorrhoea. In the case which came to autopsy there
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greater or less size, and not so sharply defined as the
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wash the eyes 3 times a day in cold water. If this simple
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mucous surfaces? Sure it is that a growth is found along the
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Either a vertical incision about the middle of the right rectus (Bevan)
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than a more resistant one. The strength varies with
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laise, and on the following day felt himself feverish, but without any
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pneumonia. Frequent local complications are the formations
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face was then washed, together with the knife and the
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cortical substance of both brains in this body, I could scarcely refer to
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into medullated and non-medullated. Green, in the last edition, refers
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cious as prophylactics. Taken in small doses daily by persons exposed to
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doses, iodine acts as a special stimulant to the glandular system, generally
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festations. In other instances the influence of grip seemed to
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June 8, 1849. The Visiting Committee's record states,
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MoKendeick, of Glasgow, Scotland, read a short account of the
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and a label indicating the dosage and the time fixed to the clothing.

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