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only one cell is seen cut across, the others being flattened and dis-

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and Mr. J. W. H. Biggs, under the direction of Dr. Clowes, chief

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companies, the transformations that occur in the blood, is not con-

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junctiva and cornea. Ibid., 16-25. — Weis.s (W) Glio-

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diseases of the organ. The nature of fatty enlargement, of cirrhosis,

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or less diseased, partly loosened. In many instances a third grade is

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disorder. Earth, of Paris, reported a case in which death took place with the

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last century, and has even been prized by Sprengel as the

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Jack L. Mackey; Wilbur L. Reimers; Walter J. Grund; Joseph Merrill;

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cially in pulmonary tuberculosis. Thus, while Williams

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of the stomach and bronchi, and more serious still, peripheral

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which was brought to a sudden halt by the unwelcome ap-

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fore, our manipulations for vaso-motor effects naturally

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be slightly impaired, which it was not when he first came

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cocci have been isolated from dj^senteric stools and in many in-

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4. Nor attributable to a state of hyper»mia of the spinal

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the violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, in all their purity

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ingly apparent, and he was sent to the hospital. Ex-

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Med. Journ. 1878. — 12. Mesnil, Ohmann du. "An unusual case of Atrophy of the

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more common, I believe, very slow production of the orgasm,

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afforded upon the internal condyle for such a migration, but, as has just been

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had the repellant leer of a low-grade mental defective

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Columbus, Jan. 10, 1838. — •• Tour instrument, It appears to me, is formed on principles i

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a stone through the common duct into the intestine.

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nosis is made, and that in an enormous percentage of

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Medicin. Wochenseh., Vol. XXIV, Therap. Beilage, page 28.)

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ment, has kindly given me the opportunity of examining many of

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prejudices which exist on both sides of the ocean, by

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suspended in 2 c.c. of bouillon. Slight area of induration appeared about the

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