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radiology or combination. Board eligible in radiology and
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Then allow the percolation to proceed slowly, gradually adding
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the day before, had complained of chilliness frequently,
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human diseases is concerned, it is avoided by using the animal virus, and this is
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On my return from one of those errands to Georgetown, I
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amination when she places herself under our care that we may
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tions, the cultures would probably have developed, in which case
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routine Wassermann's. Well, there are many doctors, I expect, in
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" To find a new, and hitherto unobserved symptom in a complaint of such com-
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ulated each time. These additional cultures showed little or no difference from the ones
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result that it is the darkest shades of red that particularly cause
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together so as nearly to equal the original spleen in volume ;
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thus a real peril, as well as a most exasperating annoyance,
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abscess, elephantiasis, hernia, amputations, tetanus, and a
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scratching the right hand with the left. These bullae, as
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paid any attention to the subject, but the greatest care will have
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or of congenital malformation to make it a subject of interest
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with Dr. Winslow; he considered that Mr. Windham had a weak and
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The bacillus belongs to the ' ' diphtheroid ' ' group, but differs from
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and' A. J.Patek. Med. News, Phila., 1894, Ixiv, 409. Also,
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31. — Removed the remaining five sutures. Wound well
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fully developed there should be little difficulty in recognising the
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The Treatment of Diphtheria, with Illustrative Cases. By E. N. Chapman,
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First Passage. Guinea Pig 353 A. — Aug. 26, 1918. Inoculated with 1 cc. of
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lutions, for the purpose of obtaining a standard pi-eparation of
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were held in the wound, giving rise to septicsemia-
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either caught in the huts of infected persons, or they were
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epidemic constitution was the striking fact that, although cholera affected
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it was so severe as to even cause the death of the patient.

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