Volinia Mi

five minutes at intervals of two or three days. In one case
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weeks. Especially is it indicated in hepatic colic ; many cases are on
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Definition. — A chronic infectious disease caused by the Streptothrix
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their free vilnation impossible. Frequentiy the hoarse voice of the
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supposing the break-down to be definitely due to the too frequent repeti-
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although they are not common. He recalls two cases in his private
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ported only after a more extensive experience. It might
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used in the treatment of acute rheumatism I do not know.
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pupils very much enlarged, tunica adnata not clear,
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in every way much improved in health and strength, I
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which was the most characteristic material found in the disease. This
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the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, etc. etc., and Robert
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1 Presented to the Pathological Society of Philadelphia, Octo-
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these days of aseptic surgery, the ureter should not be cut, disinfected,
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who says that there is only sullicieiit poison) to oiler
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from the true mental defects in which there is no hope.
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side of the lens, and not come to a focus. (Fig. 7.) In
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one non-pathogenic variety isolated from milk. The source of the
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groups of febrile attacks sejDarated by intervals of apyrexia lasting
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in Missouri. Proposed RAC activities included: 1) ed-
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case of any surgical operation done where the patient
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There is one point in favor of dealing with it at the present
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urotic edema, bronchospasm, oliguria, anuria, anaphylaxis, erythema
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loses its deep red colour, but soon becomes wrinkled on the
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sin industrial, agricultural community of 6,000. Prefer
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dimension and predict the percent change in the level of
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and water with a resulting constipation followed by a
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reclined upon a couch, and at once filled with Mallinckrodt Chemical
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was also a narrowing of the jxms on the right side, while the restiform
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containing but little food, in a patient in the supine position, so that
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[5] Flu, P. C, " Beitrag zur Losung der Frage ob Schistosoynum Mansoni identisch ist mit
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As many of us have recently come from that large convocation of
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tion and portal congestion, mild laxatives such as castor-oil, or enemata ;

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