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pression and tension of the nerves, produced by encircling and draw-
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suppuration and promote cicatrization even in cases re-
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At the close of Dr. Abbe's address, Madame Curie arose and
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Smith, Earl Terry, M.A., Trinity, '03 Hon Yale, '97 Hartford.
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Other causes of irritation acting directly or indirectly are spices, strong
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Menthol Liniment. — This is a very efficient remedy for head-
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The Society is composed of regular members consisting of
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I was called to him, I think it was about the sixth
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mollusca, medusae, Crustacea, worms, sponges, starfish, etc.,
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bolicum, alcoholic solution of 5 per cent., for swabbing ;
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was threatened, but that the eyes did follow to some extent, and that he
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crction. There was a case in tlie service of M. Andral of a diabetic woman
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tended to become rusty on the inside and then the fleas could
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comfortably as possible, left orders for her to have
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ride of iron into the uterus for primary post-partum hemorrhage which have been
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there was at no time a complete change to a vegetable or vegetarian diet.
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palpitation and discomfort, but might actually lead to a fatal
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disease, so many clinical types are seen that any definite rule is
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Birch. On March 4th, at St. Helier's, Jersey, Elizabeth, wife of
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spasm and joint function in all directions is incomplete.
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dilatation and degeneration of the substance of the heart, or else to
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made a valuable contribution to this subject. t He found great differ-
Narcotising Gases and Vapours," and the general tone of the
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Properties of Nitrous Oxide, etc., by Geo. T. Barker,
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sent to a firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Notice of
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ters, in order to guard the consumptive from fog, dust, and
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