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said of it, " // n'en Jaut pas dormer trop a /a Jots afni

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in Part First, the outlines of morbid anatomy in so far as it belongs to

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it. This hypothesis has been refuted by the recent experiments

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measures wore not destined to cure the disease, and that they were carried

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it is entirely wanting. On this account I am certain that this

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thin, and by two or three strokes of trie knife the tumor was

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discriminating resort to this remedy will elicit some special indica-

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of equally startling import. The article, which was more than a column long, gave a

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The motion of the carriage induced another attack of the

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children who die from so-called acute croupous pneumonia do not

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a basis) is not all that should be sought for by ocu-

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In the United States, Cellia dhiinana, C. argyrotarsis, Anopheles crucians y A,

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some time without success, it meeting firai resistance ; but at last it

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nigh discouraged. Her condition was associated with men-

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five times before included in a ligature ; successfully by Dr. Stevens of

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us to determine whether or not the beneficial effects of the operation were

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was Conservator of the Museum of the Royal College of

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ture, and properties, is therefore anion in its vessels, until it reaches

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cera, lately described at the Anatomical Society of Paris by M. Grisolles,

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Topical applications to the larynx may be made by means of a ])robang

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Abuse of Tobacco, .\lcoholism is increasing to an alarming

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baby. An older brother and sister had each been nursed

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statement. To refute it, we have only to study mercurial poisoning in

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28th Feb. — The patient is able to move the jaw to a slight

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mankind, are discouraged. The Physicians and Surgeons

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are dilated, but react to light and accommodation. The nervous symptoms

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established, and there are serious objections to all.

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