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causes, as a secondary agent in multiplying and diffusing

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This gentleman had, in youth, been addicted to solitary

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1 c.c. filtrate -\- 5 c.c. mjlk at .36' — coagulated in about 5 hrs.

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I examined her ankles, which I found to be slightly (Edematous;

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a prominence of the shoulder there. If the fibers of the trapezius

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instance did the disease attack the umbilicus. The cords all separated

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called ichthyosis palmaris et plantaris and keratoma plantare et palmare.

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the country retains the water in the soil for the want of drain-

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the neighbors were obliged to shut their windows, not one es-

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deration or experience. My words are, " in every country the

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printed before I knew anything of it. A correspondence

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astonished at this condition of affairs had he r(>ali/.(!d the

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lation of hygienic law ; (2) defective innervation ; (3) slug-

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minisii or prevent the liieinorriiu^e from interstitial iiiyomatu. Suljse-

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believed that all alterations in the brain substance which imply diminution

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to be repeated in four hours if necessary. The first

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disorganization of the cristae may be a further conse-

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iiisi's inTimiiii'iillv arri'Mt llii) |>r»)jfr»>sH of iho tlisoiiMO. Ivorovery

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Discoveries in botany, the result of better knowledge of

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aneurism has so increased in size as to threaten to burst, the alternative of

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James Lind was apprenticed to a physician in Edinburgh

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med., Par., 189B, xvi, 412-420.— Bonders (F. C.) Parae-

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and skin. These vascular lesions are by no means confined to the

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Y Scheme. — Owing to increased submarine activity in the first half

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bility of the parts of the spine where flexibility is ab-

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tain definite length between the sensitive retinal plate and

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impact of managed care, increasing paperwork, and a general loss of autonomy.

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laboratory worker is bitten by an infected tick or accidently inoculates

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