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worked out the details of Boll's discovery of the visual

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swell, whereby the knot may become loose, or even to be absorbed before

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tumor, or the lower margin of the liver, or its upper margin, successively at

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the poor, whose hygienic precautions are not of the most complete

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than when the animal is touched with a single finger ; and that

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the country, being compiled from the records in cities in six

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He was advised to enter the hospital at Novare, and M. Parona recognized

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without going deeper, in order to remove any extradural fluid that may be present.

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gynecological practice should more often err in the last

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dialogues of Plato, especially the Phaedo, make it ap-

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so excessive as to produce profound jirostration ; the pulse is small,

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The wife also had a slight attack of diphtheria. In this family there

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mogastric nerve, so often referred to, do not cause pleuro-

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Health may desire to make a preliminary examination. One

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8. Association Medical Journal. Editedby A. Wynter, IM. D. Published

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a paretic or ataxic patient into a dermatological novel

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Museum of the University of Naples. Vincenzo Licci, of Calimera,

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series. The comparative figures are shown in Table 2. The similarity

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matory induration. He wished to inquire whether this

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found by him to occur in seven per cent, of herniee.

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penetration and energy. As for the accidental marks, Roger

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JFAiology. — Ulcerative colitis is a condition which occurs

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tumor was diagnosticated during life, and an operation

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