Does Urispas Lose Its Potency

chanical methods of adapting glasses to the common re-


Paralysis, unless it involves the respiration, is usually not serious in

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The tongue is usually the first organ to be attacked, and it shows

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of these two elements varies greatly in different specimens, some being

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the integuments of the face and head become diffusely inflamed.

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extends from the middle of the great sciatic notch to the edge of the rim,

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initiate the procedure, the physician, spouse, guardian,

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This was first pointed out by Trousseau in the epidemic of 1858, and

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organs was, whether there was any degenerative change in

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pleuritis will claim some consideration. This chapter will be devoted to

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ever seen or read of anything like it, and in my efforts to

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Huestis, Charles M. Magee, A. J. Campbell, John R. Flanigan, F. W.

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tions are absolute protocols of original investigation. They cover,

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degree. Even when entirely lost, the ])atient could walk

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operation, which was a formidable, difficuU, and pro-

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Interested parties took advantage of this to impose upon students, who

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The experimental effects of compression of the brain, or

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toms — cold compresses or an ice-bag- over the inflamed gall-

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as palsy from worms until March, 1855, when he had a

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the whole seems slightly improved ; pulse 120, softer.

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minerals, ores, and metals. He also studied at universities in

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suffered from debility, and there was dilated right heart.

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It will probably surprise most of us to learn that while the abso-

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have seen has been most severe in those following gross

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practised in Lanark from 1720 to 1739, was the great exponent

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efficient action of individuals. If every member of this Society had

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nowadays than formerly, and we are often accommodation will be necessary. This

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after-treatment of these cases, a mild unstimulating diet,

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He feels forced to this conclusion by turning to his own statistics during

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Physiology fully bears out these observations. Experiments

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and the pTevaltnt winds. The number of actual suicides

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the tonsils were swollen, and one had a j)atch of membrane upon it

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by the proximity of the heart, but may or may not correspond with

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either simply undergoes repair or, as sometimes hap

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my opinion that peritonitis by propagation such as Thirial described does

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being very closely connected in some way with vision, was,

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tional sorbefacients. Sooner or later, however, tonics,

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sale and retail. ALSO, Thomson's family rights, Uobin-

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George's as I did at the Hotel Dieu. I was puzzled for a week or two,

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