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As regards the surgical treatment I have but a word to

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Relapse. — Some patients who have once suffered from influenza seem

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patient, in a hybrid attack ? They can at least be so far blended

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have been freely consulted : Striimpell, Osier, Fagge, Bristowe,

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erick, A. W. Conn, of Pennsylvania, March 23, 1901 ; Simon J.

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Sensory loss extending to the umbilicus means a lesion involving as its upper

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experiment o" 10 gramme of sugar. Such agents act powerfully

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tion of the tumor, or excision, with a surrounding zone of breast tissue

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on the morning of the 13th inst. he complained of colicky

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power of elimination and an increase in the production of acid in the

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1903; reprinted in Arch. f. Verdauungs-Krankheiten.) The presence of the ileo-

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of syncope on their first attempting to resume the upright attitude and exert

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is a perennial plant, with branching, round, striated

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baby. An older brother and sister had each been nursed

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fail very often to derive the good results we might expect

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wound ; or a paste of ichthyol and lanolin or vaselin in equal parts may

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I divided into two parts, one of which may be attended

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The affection is of very rare occurrence. Its causation is obscure. In

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tions, and of a bluish-red or brown colour ; upon this ground are seen

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of quinine amaurosis is most characteristic. There are signs of a

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found in the nose than that found in the conjunctiva,

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myself; and all my efforts to persuade my colleagues to imitate me

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of general knowledge of the diseases of women, books from the

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reaction was positive on retesting (7 per cent) were cases of latent

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or between two toes, when the soft is developed. Callosities are horny

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''" ''"''-•.ilimM..i„„,,|„,., ,,'''■'"'■ ;'''''^'-^''' 'i-n,,„.niuL-,.

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iron every two, three, or four hours, and have conjoined a few drops

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disease. And physicians are not always able to make a

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an additional burthen and an insult to the students who have

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part taken by him in its proceedings. The full reports of

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year was in summer with fine weather, and the patients had every care taken of

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