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lead. It appears to be a fast-growing evil. The treat-
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mon duct nearer the surface of the mucous membrane. These tubules pass
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this grayish and semi-transparent substance run opaque intersect-
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Recently the writer has heard in discussion the expression of
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at once seek necessary aid from the State and National
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with purulent discharges. Also applied locally to wounds.
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value to a very considerable extent. It is not within the
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sary. Duration of treatment, three months and a half. Per-
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can be said in its favor, and on the other to doubt the possibility
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best to remedy, several ne^r rooms being in process
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will easily contain 14 per cent or more of butter fat for the vanilla
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adhesions have recently formed, when it will be tender.
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Fetal Hiccough. — Chapuis reports a case of this very
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the owner of the pipe was suffering from oral patches is
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rare, and the comparatively large experience of the
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Kirkes' Physiology, in September, 1880, wrote : " It makes no
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the peripheral distribution of the pneumogastric in I
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Exhibition shall not exclude any subsequent communication
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these cases the signs of mitral disease with decompensation were prom-

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