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the bile-passages. In the kidney, the glomeruli show intense con-

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is of a sharp, lancinating character and radiates along the nerve. It is intensi-

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This elaborate paper is illustrated by two plain and ten chromo-litho-

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her. Another sister had the disease at the same time. A third girl,

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murdering for money when he did the abortion. He said the

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sole. Amputation will as a rule cure the disease completely, and if only a

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patients without relief and then expect the surgeon to go in there

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given addresses had to be visited. Besides we asked the foreman,


bed, is employed after cataract-extraction, to ward off

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by obliterates the air-vesicles and bronchioles, and impedes

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ternity, or in the deliberate act of killing ? If in the latter,

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easily understood by any recruit. The lecture lasts for 15 minutes

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where high fever, intense intestinal symptoms, and rapid prostration

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tuberculous lymph-nodes or over the abdomen in tuber-

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become engorged with blood some days before the onset of menstruation.

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"^ravs" derived from a Finsen lamp or an X-rav tube are now con-

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which produces less extensive destruction of tissue, and is a

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Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of New Jersey.

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whether or not the effusion is serum or pus, but we can certainly outline

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fie alt for him to walk in the dark. With a greater amount of paralysis,

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successive attacks merge into each other in such a way as to lose their

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diinner, harder, and of a pale or light-brown color. The ventricles

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their special method of practice, but even require them

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Whole number of deaths in Boston for the week ending July 14, 24. Males, 12 — Females, 12.

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while doing so. His eyes are prominent, and the corners of his mouth are

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