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his exclusive study ; and this advantage seldom fail-

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ether, to remove all traces of fat, the other end of the cotton being immersed in a

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dred and thirty-seven pages of te.\t. An index of thirty

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most of its incurables till their death, and this class will increase in actual nura-

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How do these two currents act in producing muscular contrac-

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New York when out of commission, and ordered to the

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housekeeper prepares. By the same token, physical activity,

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in the promotion or permission of disease than any other

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radical treatment at the earliest possible moment. The suc-

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1898. Simpson, John Pollock, M.D., 1, Bland ford-street, Manchester-

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progress is for a moment retarded by them (Toussaint).

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the other had gangrene of both testes, and on exa.nining the

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tumour. Ten days afterwards, she was again tapped —

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mately round, clear areas surrounded by more deeply stained proto-

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allowed fresh meat and greens every day, with porter, every article of

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edge, has important pathological relations. Experiments and clinical

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the stomach is empty, as their local irritant effect more than coun-

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institution. Such children got up pressure necrosis

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cam their bread. We are not expected to turn out savaiils.

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November 11th: The exanthem appears plainly on the back.

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arrested a few days ago for drunkenness and committed

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in my hands and from what I have observed they are only tem-

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glands is understood, a valuable aid to diagnosis has been gained.

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M — rs. Jeannel and Brodeur together performed eighteen

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under observation and there has been no return of the

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qualitative, but not fundamental. The nature of the tumour

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as growth) that demands force, takes place, there we should

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then put the liquor, and the gravy. Bake in a slow oven, and

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descriptions — excites impatience. This is, no doubt, one, at least,

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tension current as well as from galvanism, but both have

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frequently will be found to be due to hemorrhoids or to some

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passive movements; if so, at what period after the re-

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