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acquaint the chemist with the forms of various crystals, etc., and show

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On Materia Medica — Kost, Pereira, and Wood and Bache.

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of one are also the greatest users of the other. The connection

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ceed from the posterior cerebral or posterior communicating arteiios to

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with F. D. K. himself, and found to be in good condi-

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venience to business, especially in factories and other places

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1 The test for indol is very conveniently made by adding a few drops of Ehr-

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jection t.vpe. The adductors of the thighs are in n

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precede or follow it. Nodular peritonites, not explainable with

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I believe that the enterotomy saved his life, because the intestines

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believed that all alterations in the brain substance which imply diminution

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no impulse on coughing, no effort at reduction affected

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meeting of the Medical Society of the State of California, Dr.

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near the spine of the scapula and not at the apex. In

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policy, regardless of whether or not the admission rate

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It was noticed after admission that patient had mild convulsive seizures

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at their height lavage is valueless, and but little is to be gained by the

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phone. The transmitter of a public telephone would be an

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erect six wings or " sections," three at either extremity of the present edifice.

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(10 per cent.) sodium chloride solution. The precipitate was ex-

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had heard that chloral in small doses was of benefit. In this connection it may be

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in other conditions. Following labor, when the secretions of

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in the jear (15,810) by the estimated midyear population (1,605,863),

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diphtheria. Modern science has taught us that the local

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12 Jour. Biol. Chem., 1912, 12, p. 13; 1912, 13, p. 63.

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alludes gingerly to the matter of pudendal irritation, congestion, and

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the vital capacity in heart disease is apparent rather than real, and

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withdrawn, the urethra should be thoroughly flushed with an antiseptic

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The fourteenth chapter treats of Thoracic Aneurisms, and here

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afternoon, and galloped severely, and shortly afterwards was

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out the rind, baked apples, egg custard, strained soups,

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