in psoriasis than in any other cutaneous affection hitherto described.
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Typhoid fever, though present, is not as prevalent as might
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and rabies; Wasserman test, etc. Prerequisite: Bacteriology 202 and consent of in-
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engage in it with the limited time we have at our dis-
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ceased to prevail, in epidemic form, in any civilized coun-
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of the year or at different times in an epidemic. The early cases in the
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Fenger, and observed by careful surgeons generally,
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In an action at law recently brought by Messrs. Sander & Sons, Bendigo, Australia,
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It is found abundantly in Central America and Northern South Amer-
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This expulsion of gas from the rectum usually takes place when-
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to give efficiency to the special cause. An attack is apt to occur after
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