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course would be legal is clear enough, and that all unpreju-
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various animal and vegetable matters, and which had been
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tion at regular intervals was essential to the restoration of
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maybe the digestion is upset, and the assimilation of al-
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" Primary syphilitic ulcers may be caused by the application of the
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^nd agglutinated in such a manner as to form a firm partition
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But even those animals which, from their lower temperature, are
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power. More briefly they are the three M’s — Ma-
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charges from the mucous membranes, if any, shall have ceased.
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pofterity. " Ouicquid ex illo amavimus, quicqutd mirati fumus,
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turbance. Most cases of what are termed ' latent ' and ' dry ' pericarditis
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two sections. In the latter section, in the course of 37
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head. I informed him that the practice of removing the
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vis., ten inches there. On the upper surface of the chest was a
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Usually, in such eyes, if we aid accommodation by weak convex
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as a last resource, especially in alcoholic cases, as the opium habit is very
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by ballot, and an annual contribution of 5s. was payable,
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ache, sweating, and vomiting, but they are practically never fatal.
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viation, while on the bony portions he employs his bayonet-like
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change in color is produced either on the red or the blue paper. If
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laryngo-typhus, the surface of the mucous membrane is more generally ele-
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fined to the side of lesion. If the tremors observed in clinical cases are
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OiTHCOOO"*"^COCOt^'*CqC<l'*C<l«>COOOTHOOO'^COOOSOiO> OqCO 00 00 rH CSJ lO t<-
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obstructs the smaller vessels. This hypothesis of gaseous emboli was
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tain another generation. To distinguish these different
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the two eyes are unequal. The globes return to their normal position,
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incision through right rectus. Perforated ulcer found in
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down, or break'thr'o'ugh heir har'ni " uZ h'"'"^^'^'^
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of the glomerulus in marked diminution of the watery secretion. The explanation
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which filled the intergyral spaces ; a similar extravasa-
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Tuberculosis of the Digestive Tract. — Mouth. — The mouth is not
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Our nosological table is already too much extended, and the progress of our science ne-
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Section 18. Every person who shall practice medicine in this State
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CASE 4. Lateral sinus pyaemia, cerebellar abscess, death from extension to
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through that period from considerable pain in the abdomen. Vomiting
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The lips and tongue were dry ; the temperature was 97.4 F.
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hiccup on three successive occasions and finally relieved it permanently. The
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od. Some interesting corollaries were deduced from this dem-
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to the mother and the child. The drugs usually employed are
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residue, contributes to constipation. Sedentary habits are supposed to
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