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perfectly circular, with a pale periphery. But in certain of these,

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immunoglobulins. Tvrenty-sixth annual meeting of the American Association

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that Douglass, of Boston, first employed this remedy to a considerable

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Filtration is then performed, and the coagulum is thoroughly

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plant is its root, as recommended by Mr. Miles; and it can only be

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— to be active. The anode plate was applied to the

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Bertrand, Des anomalies du type febrile dans la pneumonic fibrineuse. Rev. d.

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desired, and at least 2 pounds per 1,000 cubic feet for insecticidal pur-

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Dr. Scott in consultation. The trip to the country was

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and Frederick W. Parham on the first day; by Drs. Ernest S.

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for such other purposes as will promote the welfare of


is inflamed and that may end in recovery or pass on into a

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Bromism may be much more severe than depicted in the

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them; (6) the methodical destruction of rats and mice

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are thin, watery and offensive. The tongue is coated white.

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1851.] Mor\and, Extracts from Soc. for Med. Improvement. 339

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next most common sites for the overlapping of their respective suture

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temperature as to arrest decomposition ; and certain substances that

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of treatment, new inventions, etc., all of which we

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the head and eyes to one side ; or a slight drawing over of the angle

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the ammonium sulphate. It is well to add to the blood, at the moment it flows into

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the round ligament. If the injection was made in the median line in a

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Symptoms.— If at first the infiammation is not spread over a large

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report on the results of blood examinations at Camp

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currents can be varied in their course and intensity through

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Lot II comprised 40 boxes of cheese, made by J. E. Case at Turtle-

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ful affection of the muscles entering into the composition of the thoracic walls.

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tive distii&tion of amber : called also Volatile resin

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a resolution ' that a special section be opened for

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offered to convince you of the fact now contended for. The bearing and

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half a day in the ofKce of a celebrated travelling rectal

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fort, and the patient seeks relief in what Church has called a "spasmodic

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The former may be used by putting an ounce or two of tar in a

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are brought under prompt and proper treatment, and are

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determined the onset of menstruation. Others thought that the ovum,

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odours so often emitted are attributed to the formation of ammonia,

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