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mass to the left of the median line seems to reduce the possibilities
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leucocycosis was observed. The most frequent type was a lobular
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opium, or three grains of codeine, or two grains of morphine, or
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has been published and will be continued until final results are
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Details are given of two obstinate cases of that disease. Beside the adminis-
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part of the back, Avliich gradually extended to hip and then to the groin.
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"In the case at bar the appellant continued to treat a number
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septic infection comes through the cervical canal, and attributes the fatal
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those now active. It is the negative results which is of value in
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illustrates how easily any similar legislation may be diverted from
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by the general excellence of the definitions given throughout the two
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laws that may be enacted by Congress making them effective."
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the tubes. When the tube was buried in adhesions and its fimbriated end
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in cases of carcinoma of the stomach which have advanced to the
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being most marked during the exacerbations of the disease. Bile pigment
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that the presence of acute or chronic pleurisy has an important bearing on
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A no-loop posterior gastro-enterostomy was then done and pa-
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* Read before the Society of Internal Medicine on May 23, 1919.
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to the use of the Parnham-Martin band technique. I have used the Lane
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The hands of the operator, his assistants, and the operating-room nurse
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If the first puncture does not show negative pressure in the
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stant result of tumors of the forepart of the brain, and if lesions of the
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conditions produced by the operation of malaria in its active or
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in this connection to convey the idea that bacteria play no role
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clinically characteristic of cancer of the stomach and of no other
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cised liis operation, believing that the duct might have been
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developed girls I have ever seen. She was a domestic and had never
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The following interesting points in connection with the case
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say that I have been impressed in that way. These people seem to
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of certain conditions and to treat such as may already exist. The
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cause cyanosis, and where an anodyne without antipyresis is desired, it may
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observations on the anatomical changes observed in such secondary dis-
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hypertrophic lesions of the vulva. There is not in medical history a
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patient, a married man of thirty-eight, perfect physically, had never

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