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in me. My greatest ambition has been to maintain the excellence of

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state characterized as a rule by sudden death occurring without warning

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and is usually given in one daily dose of 300 mg in adults.

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Netter,'^ and others that the pneumococcus is also fre-

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cating from our midst a most dangerous and hurtful class. —

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or in the line itself. As treatment, the syphilitic aflfection does

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they react to tuberculin injections in much the same way as the lupus

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x-rays until the lymphocytes had decreased to 878 per The animal had

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aerobic bacteria which have an active proteolytic action, and are thus

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the two general hospitals of Savannah, Ga., Nos. 1 and 2, the ratio of mortality in

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had an hour-glass shape and occupied the middle portion of tlic

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♦t' A correspondent {J. F.) writes from South Australia :—

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abate in two or three days, but some returned and raged with more vio-

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tinued suppuration. In five the post-mortem appearances

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rarely in those over five or six years of age. The specific cause

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Some have become roarers, others have not. It has been said

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in the neighbourhood of the anus and on the lining membrane of

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try massage, and perhaps electricity, exercise, diet, and hydrotherapy;

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A committee of ten was appointed to report npon the expediency of

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tubes and levers upon a chart. An animal under ether had a shot fired at

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nosus. 19. Tuber ischii. 20. Obturator internus. 21. Point of the coccyx. 22.

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operation. It was well to remember in these cases Hancock's principle

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that city, and endow it to the extent of $100,000. She was a

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" Kidney Disease," " Softening of the Brain," " Syphilis,"

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cidents, as coma, convulsions, cheyne-stokes, respiration,

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by myself as occurring in the cholera evacuations of tlie

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upon the lives of persons who refuse to avail themselves of the

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tlie Association every year for a good many years, and is

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brought about solely by the aid of machinery. The hard flint part of

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platinum electrode. But for hsemorrhagic cases which are not im-

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text. The term grip is used in its pure Knj;lish sii;niii-

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kinds of Opium produced in India are also very good.

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where there was no sign of trauma, but where pressure

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practically to a revolution by the introduction of cocain. In

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(1895) [10] makes an interesting and enlightening observation. We

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ing at a vice, some nine hours a day, feeling no more incon-

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mismanaged, this system of co-operative teaching must be of

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Brawa, Lleyd T. Fracture of the tranverse processes

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proceed to examine those applicants, as indicated in the scheme ; one

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intense venous congestion of the brain and its membranes ; congestion to

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rugosed surface is made up of layers of firmly adherent

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Kl'.. :--. — I'ici'c lit skull i.irrlcil a»a\ l)V iiiissiU-, whicli in llii-. 1 .i-c was lii-li

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exist, how does it indicate the practice of " similia

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dissection in centers with adequate facilities and experi-

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of sparks or flames, or other objects, which may even present definite

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occurring in public institutions, and amongst the poorer classes, where a

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movies shown by Mrs. Netta W. Wilson, senior health

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dangerous to health of human beings. Even in camps where no

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