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sisi medica ed epiilemiolngia della malaria. Riforma meil.,
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dietetic treatment, and the patient is apparently in perfect health. Difficulties
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changes in the cord in acute cases of poisoning, which
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Antitoxin in Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis. — Francis
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more closely her admonitions in disease ; for many of her
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versal among us from which they are exempt — namely, the
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Thomas Watson says: ^^Calomel is probably one of our best cathar-
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When the colon was shelled out of this jxKrket the fold was seen
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much regularity, as a patient in the most comfortable circum-
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to be extremely virulent, certainly not less so than the juice obtained
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size of the tent. By this means at no very distant period, a tent Is habitually
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TABLE 5. — CiRCUi^A.TiON of Patients Divided into Groups on the Basis of
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It must not be omitted whenever it rationally appears to
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struggle and scream terrifically, and. soon after, nearly
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2. About 68 per cent, of cases of hypertension are found in patients
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by the maniacal excitement, we were obliged to detain him in the
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lation produced by recombinant DNA technology (Recom-
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termination. The constitutional affections induced by these
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of the bodies of the lower cervical vertebrae, there were
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Very fat subjects are not so suitable for long preservation. Before
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composition of the blood and other tissues, seemed at present to be premature ;
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danger of leaving permanent paralysis. Except in special cases, to which
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lable severity, and she died May 4th, being eleven days since
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dren ; and, moreover, young children were kept (piite carefully
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Treatment. By H. W. WILSON, M.B., B.S. Lond., F.R.C.S. Eng., Demonstrator of
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the brain. They are sensitive in one way, namely, that when light

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