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a flourish of trumpets is never wanting on the closely-printed wrapper)9,
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Kassel EE, Gruss JS. Imaging of midfacial fractures.
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McDowell, in 2'^<' Medical Presn and Circular for
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Bowen, Fall River; W. Butler, Vineyard Haven; D. E. Cone,
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reclined upon a couch, and at once filled with Mallinckrodt Chemical
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ing occasion to envy the posture of the creatures around
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which will produce mydriasis when introduced into the eye of a cat.
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there should be six separate hospitals for the sick at
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suppuration and promote cicatrization even in cases re-
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measures should be taken to guard against flies and other vermin.
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Causatiox. — The causes of pulmonary tuberculosis mi\y be divided
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a current of three milli-amperes in the circuit ; if the switch points to 10
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esophagus the observer finds that the view into the lower portions of the organ,
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as severe cases of the disease, with four deaths; three
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beard of the ph\ r sician in charge of this disease are sadly
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Francis Fannan, aged 27. Bil. lymph. 12 months. (Fnn.)
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silver, masses of sponge, balls of catgut, head of rabbit's femur, natural
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Thus in those cases which occurred in adults a large proportion
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on all sides were strong bands of cicatricial tissue. On the anterior vaginal
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vessels and lungs, and gradually undermines the health of the body by Weakening the
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termined the amount of the loss of the red blood cells in the primary
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nicious provisions whose operation would have ruined the exist-
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1. The foot affected was capable of being restored to
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which are the orifices of perpendicular glands."' — \>. 1G5.
of the centrifugal apparatus as an adjunct in the micro-
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ment to you all. Our honor is your honor; our dignity your dignity ; our rights your
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The cyst was emptied by the aspirator, and forty ounces of
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Osier's description reads: " In the abortive form the
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