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lung, tracheo-bronchial adenopathy, or tuberculous enteritis should prevent

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irritating, and therefore unsuitable for " infiltration anesthesia." Guaiacol

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events preceding his admission to the hospital. There

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Erratic brethren exist in the Medical Society of St.

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same height, color of eyes, apparent age, and nationality,

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Paris in 1804, long before the days of bacteriology. Appert found that

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dered such signal service. Dr. Nachtel's plans were

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Fiske has noted that in oil-burning firerooms, even with a temperature of i40**F.,

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originating from the medullary centre, and its fibres termi-

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than was anticipated. The most unfortunate occurrence was the division

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ture and where one finds the projectile in the spinal canal,

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sciatica after an illness o£ about two weeks in Toronto. He spent

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of schools and institutions for idiots. Into this we cannot

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then, the more common belief that the endothelium is mesoblastic is

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drop ami t'oot-droj). It is also most marked in tile distal muscles; that is,

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the condition associated with hyperadrenalism, its selective action on the nerve

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sity at the apex, and transmitted to the left axilla and to the

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forthcoming. The patient recovered rapidly and without

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1. Parker: Med. Times and Gaz., London, 1881, 1, 467.

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HEW, under broad responsibilities delegated by con-

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The necessary conclusion to which the theory of elimination leads as re-

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has in these cases guaranteed absolute satisfaction.

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in arresting vomiting, he has merely produced an additional

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between physical amelioration and mental oppression, that

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caseation of the bronchial glands, acute miliary tuberculosis, and tubercu-

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different thing; here thought is unrestrained and the mind

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greatest care, every case being inspected either by the D.M.S. or the

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Gazz. d. osp., Milano, 1892, xiii, 483-485.— Pastcna (A.)


including the addition of the Virginia militia, the

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of a large proportion of larinaceous ibod, is theoretically indicated, and is

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told him my opinion, and proposed to open ; of his day, may occur to others of less pro-

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