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even with evidence perfectly conclusive to an unpreju-

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decreased, and nitrogen retention increased with the approach of

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tion is analogous to that of ' heat' m the inferior

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when administered per os the absorption of the remedy demands a

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Dr. A. T. Cabot, of Boston : — The onlj T use that anti-

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Even on an exclusive milk diet, some people do well. I have seen

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not by extension of the individual ones. Some of the patches may

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century was more than 20 per cent, less than that of

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relations artificially, he must obtain the blood without the admission of any air, and

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accordingly; sometimes it is nothing but a mild fever, but many

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Our nosological table is already too much extended, and the progress of our science ne-

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all our specimens, just as Fairbairn [2] and Taylor [5] had done. All

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the wall of the rectum (PI. 41, figs. 174, 178; PI. 42, figs. 223,

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dressed their wounds and had them evacuated. He displayed great initiation and coolness.

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Antidote for over-dose : First procure the speedy evacua-

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glycerine has for serum and advocated tampons applied

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sent a very early stage of a local streptococcus infection with systemic mani-

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tion as to what to do about the awful craze of quackery

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(/) The only other important group is that associated with dejjrivativn oj

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Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, etc. New York: D. Appleton

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Consultant, Creative Health Care Management, Minneapolis, MN.

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or in Strasbourg. lie is told, " Present your foreign diploma,

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that he seemed to make no effort to swallow. The dysphagia

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decency on the part of those with whom they were compelled to asso-

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teen minutes I administered thirty minims more in the

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is necessary for the interpretation of the bed-side phenomena of disease.

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it all remembraDce of its former existence amongst us, until within the

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