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sf s) . [Gr. Iptf iris -f eicrofi^ excision + 6t6Xvaic sep-
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a portion of the lung immovable on account of the consolidation would be produced
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has been unfortunately named " chorea spastica " ; just as athetosis has been
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rican, is not surpassed by the coolness and apathy of
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per cent. None of the dogs in whom the tumors occurred gave any macro-
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he may be induced to take this quantity during twentj^-four hours,
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withstanding its condition, septic, the child had a regular, even pulse.
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sive. Numbers of other workers have added to our knowledge by experi-
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fleas. Nicoll and Minchin (1911) described two species of cysticercoids
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Cause of Death.— h is important for a medical witness to bear in mind
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high degree of agglutinating power in the serum. This was
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of a great deal of trouble and suffering in after life.
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arately their form and uses. The location of the vessels
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had consulted several physicians, and had been uni-
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might be determined by adding to it an indicator such
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the morning of the eighth day and so continuing until

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