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in each of the above compulsory suhjcds, and at least one-half of

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While differences in development on different culture media may

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of Delegates assembled at Milwaukee, the inefficiency of the present medical

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from the knowledge that phenacetine exerts a most potent influence upon

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suggestive. The presence in the stools, after the attack, of round, smooth

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by and associated with a great public functionary —

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fore he left the office. Relief proved permanent, and under systemic,

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a meeting of the Cass County Medical Society, Fargo,

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twenty years later to deplore the neglect of baths in the

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but only wicked. That they have not only committed sin against

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operative and, by consequence, of the operative method

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softening, and ulceration is the regular and necessary consequence of

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"spotted fever, that plague which turns bones into water." MacArthur

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congested in five. The average age of the men was twenty-eight, nearly

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claim to the introduction of ether as an exhilarating agent, when its

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your wishes. But in stating the obligation of patients or the commu-

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Profnaor of Suiter; in the tSiicago Medical CotlegB.

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with a moderate amount of subjective heat, or itching.

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neurasthenia gastrica, and mentions three localities for

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preserve the lids from sticking together he employs an

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