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for the twentieth century. We were told by those who
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of the scurrilities of their professors they are certainly duped. Their
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Painlessness of Irrigations. — Ordinarily anaesthesia is not
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blood which were really the malarial parasites. The relation of this
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erythism in numerous local disorders, in various physiological
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extremes of life than any other operation ; (3) the patient suffers little
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mined rather from the circumstances preceding the death than from
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may not believe that other story about Samson any more
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433 ; Barnes v. Home, 490 ; Turner v. Raynell, ib. ;
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each person is critically scrutinized for evidence of disease, and suspects
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Infectious Diseases in New York. — We are indebted to
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decrees between the two classes of animals. This is
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must be regarded of first importance ; therefore any thing interfering
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these cases, though not an absolute panacea, and I believe that half,
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extent of the tumour until the parts are exposed at the operation.
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C and his family drank the water from his own well,
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by the antagonistic action of the muscles on the left
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ment is provided with two genital pores, one located
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sociation, which ultimately led to this action on the
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the results of his bacteriologic study of books used by
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much more portable than Lceflund's syrup. Lastly, we must

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