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and muscles of the larynx, upon the auditory nerves,

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protruding viscera. A litter of bamboo was constructed by

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The next morning the patient was quite comfortable ; fever gone ; tongue

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of the fingers varies from an -Jth to f of an inch. In the leg it can

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alone or used conjointly. Falpitatioits or Jtutterings

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which, while not conflicting with the Institute sessions, will

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any woman with child to take any medicine, etc., strangely

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situ" by ten sutures, and several adhesive strips passed across the flap. The

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In order to test the consistency of the results obtained, and to find if

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of Sutherland to spend a few weeks at Castle Leod with the

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in cases of young children. Opium in some form, with due circumspec-

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July 10th. Still slight discharge from the site of one of the

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air in this manner serves the double purpose of ventilating the cham-

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sions, it might be better to say that attacks of apo-

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ligence of the child; if it is already feeble minded it becomes more

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initial dose of sodium salicylate should be 65 eg. (10 gr.) every

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In the local treatment of the various affections of the

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United States who use medical and pharmaceutical publications, including many new

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Effects on perioperative red-blood-cell and serum erythropoietin pro-

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The plan just outlined is already established, and its suc-

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what we have now to do in order to lower the death-

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first week. The patient lies on his back, motionless ; he sleeps but

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Podophyllum, the cathartic should then be omitted, and the Belladonna

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presented most usually a broad, soft, creamy appearance. Mr. Hey,

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on examining the surrounding parts, he found a spot

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cryptogams in the leafy leguminous hay, in severe muscular

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ounce of pus was evacuated and a gauze drain inserted in

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of emergency call plans with discussion. In the evening

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attained in hospital treatment were remarkable. Of the 2,039,329

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the soil in various stages of decomposition. One result of the decay

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