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Section 1 . All county societies now in affiliation
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shock, are liable to produce very injurious effects on the heart,
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and specially to the Eoyal Army Medical Corps, and to those civil
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There is one point in favor of dealing with it at the present
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frequent immunity from incontinence should have more
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He was a well-nourished young man, 24 years of age, rather
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pains present in cancer and ulcer of the stomach, in certain forms of
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and stimulates them to normal physiologic activity. Appetite is engendered, atonicity
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In chronic follicular tonsillitis, the matter which accumulates in the follicles
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cules, which are extravasated from the capillary vessels, and
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culation du doigt; anatomiepathologique. Bull. .Soc. anat.
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have been encountered in shreds, in branching cords of
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Charles E., aged 60 years, a carpenter, about two years ago had his right
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tells us that wherever this epidemic has prevailed a malignant
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of a number of babes changed -from colicky, fretful
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twenty minutes of its application. He was. however, still ensraged upon these
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so excessive as to produce profound jirostration ; the pulse is small,
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discharge. Dyspnoea is nearly always present, especially great on exer-
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and prescribed in accordance with the best authorities of the
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idence at a hi^h altitude, but in the vigorous well-trained man it prob-
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always equal or nearly equal to its loudness over the
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mountains, the seaside, and the forests, and to engage in the unwonted
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prefers the intravenous administration of ^'ons of anaphylaxis may be utilized in the
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psychoanalysis will in due course pass away, will in due
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eyes. This discovery proved of singular fertility, since it
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that profession or section of a profession, the final
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son that its spread is limited to a low country, and in a latitude

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