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of cow-pox, people used to inoculate for small-pox. We are told
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The inhalation of ether seemed to act more rapidly than any
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gical treatment of chronic gastric ulcer at the Annual
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fourteen of which were actually adherent cases, and
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course would be legal is clear enough, and that all unpreju-
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ossicles. Air was forced through the ears. Hearing by
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The frequency with which slight hydronephrosis occurs would indicate
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infancy up to the time of two years that a soft truss, made of cotton
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desire, they are perfect; and it is something to have a high standard set
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diseases, with the exception of small-pox ; also, and
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I was called out of an examination room to take a phone
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argue that taken together, the principles of nonmaleficence
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Changes In the Medical Corps of the Navy for the week ending
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the life current as it escapes from an invisible, inaccessible crevasse.
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the Council, and had certainly not been utilised. It
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arrangements as far as possible perfect in every particular.
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extensively tried by Finsenn, of Copenhagen. He has an
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after her last attack, a younger sister, sleeping in the same
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in cold alcohol or acetone, less easily in boiling chloroform or acetic
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less, or none at all. Moreover, he found that an active preparation could be
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Thorax. — The pericardium was universally adherent. The adhesions were firm,
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the official reports showing 877 cases and 450 deaths in

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