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infiltration — is hard and brany to the touch — so great that
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bound to have our differences individually, but this should not destroy a kindly spirit of interest and good will in
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paid, to give good service, so as to get the right people
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began about February ist, with pain and tenderness in
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be grasped between the two hands. This lateral posi-
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digestion. It may also in part be due to a more abundant secretion, or
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sidered the vagina should be the correct method. The use of
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cases. One or more attacks of catarrhal inflammation (so-called
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special constructive material, while the nucleus was the true cell-
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mur is sometimes soft, sometimes rough or harsh, and sometimes
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that some other influence had come in, either at the
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happy result; in other words (says Sir William), I advise the
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rupture having been of very recent date or to the precautions
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Holmested, Ferryman Wakeham, Bocking, Essex, of the London Hospital.
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Dr. Mary E. Nutter, class of '84, B.U. S. of M., formerly of Dover, N. H., has
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MarrJi -i5t/t. — Patient sank rapidly, and was thought
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an in-patient with chorea^ but was discharged^ still suffering to some
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showed the present membership of the society to be 246. The Treasurer's
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Chittenden himself has been cited as "a monument of
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wifery in this city, Dr. Kidd has brought before the notice of the
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exceedingly minute, yixVo to ^-^o of a liii^ (.0021 to .0035 mm.) in
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Now, it is a matter of great importance to the physiologist to
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too much ; to remove with the saw a thin portion of the septum,
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during the past six years, no benefit had followed. She told me
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• ered normal, and the pupils react well to light. Her
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One case recovered with suppuration, another without
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i.i-e. wiiuld .ippe.i;- to indie.ite tint hniie vep.iir i- pr. .eeediilij .it tlu^^e
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from the general exhaustion of the one is entirely different from
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