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secernent and absorbent functions of the serous lining of the pericardium,
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the corpiis spongiosum after an operation, which would render free
eighth, however, the patient's condition became greatly aggravated.
or two from the external opening of the nose, a spherical, yielding,
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The same treatment was continued. In the evening respiration 60;
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but, when the terrible crisis of to-day is passed, these subjects will be
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animal was destroyed by intra-tracheal injection of one ounce of prussic
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inviting it. It was proposed that men should not be rejected because
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volunteer ambulance which has been formed. The list contains the
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vergent strabismus ; the pupils were dilated ; there was ability merely
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showed nothing abnormal. Nothing was discovered on rectal examina-
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neurectomy on the off fore-leg in an English mare, which has since done
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the tumour by taxis, the skin over its inner surface was divided by a
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entrance of bacilli, these tuberculous ulcers of the neck result from
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in the lower vertebrata is the " os centrale" or central bone ; it is found
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Sea Eel with Roe, swimming in a Sauce made of Venafrum Oil
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before. The animal was dull, weak, thin, and showed enlargement of
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the pastern — vulgarly known as "grease" — is characterised by a dis-
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that not one of these people was out of work when seized with this
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two months before. Without apparent cause the animal was attacked

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