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somewhat congested. Both to day and on subsequent days the patient

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of high rainfall. The recognition of varying phases of viru-

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which seemed favourable for the aerial diffusion of particulate

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bire of membranes. At one point it did pass across in a

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good physician and capable of filling this responsible post,

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extraordinary and unsatisfactory outc. m ^. and amounts for the present

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■ BEiTisjt MepiVai' J<*niiiiAr,'.']&, vol. i, p. 65« ~

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contracted to its normal size. The growth was proved, by

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or, in other words, may be contagious {ansieckeiid). If a disease is con-

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trunks and finer branches in the muscles were normal, and

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(upon whichhehad expended, it isbelifved, upwards of £20 ODD),

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small sessile wart-like growths. There was no ulceration and

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feared, in the hands of^the permanent officials, might fail to be

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other departments the rest of their time ; in fact, the opinion

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Stewart: The Physiological Series of Comparative Anatomy

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to vesical changes, while others believe— and I do— that the

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Low nutrition was largely associated with defects in develop-

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or infraorbital nerves, but more frequently from the third

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distorted as though wo, the life-long advocates and the

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In scarlet fever the greatest incidence of attack is in the fifth

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existed for some considerable time; while the history makes it equally

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aflection as well as respect. He represented the best qualities

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(i) Tlie numerous round, lenticular, or falciform spores, so character-

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Re-examination op Ehrlich's Classification of Gbanulbs

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ensue if she does so. Although I have not seen the vocal

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small sessile wart-like growths. There was no ulceration and

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peripatetic corn curer who has takeu a brief abode there. The latter

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capsules. It is useful in flatulent dyspepsia and in hysteria

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during this period of five years, with an average total force

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