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In the admirable library comprised in the "Practical

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IStO), in order to determine whetlier two or more cases coniin<r fn»m the

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vous system, of a very subtile kind, must take place, for those occm*-

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but they have not yet attained their growth. They con-

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Midwifery Cases are admitted, or in private practice ; and

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belong really to the fibres rather than to the interstitial tissue. This

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physician to keep a record, giving the name and address of the patient,

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quantity of earth does not occasion any disease among the Otto-

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cells, and hairs. The shape of the cyst is peculiar, inasmuch as it gives the appearance of a

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acquaintance with the bones of the cod's head or of the sub-

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ture of Belladonna, or strong tea and coffee. Use stomach pump.

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County Medical Society and a member of the Board of Trustees

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the diet which we should recommend, is a question which would be

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1/8 of morphia; this dose was repeated in half an hour. When she

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Alum.— H. & C, dr. 2-4 (gm. 8.-15.). Sh. & Sw., gr. 20.-60. (gm. 1.3-4.).

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of blood ; or, with a moderate flow, he may continue to bleed

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experience and observation confirm me in the belief

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used with olive oil, although, as a rule, the oil is better employed alone

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scrofula are forms of syphilis varied by inheritance, and

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was continued for V/% hours, after which the acid solution was titrated with

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testicles and hot or cold applications as may be indicated. The lead

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ment with which to scarify the glottis, but on my return in about an

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than insufficiency due to chronic endocarditis of the valve. In either case

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nalism competition. The journal received an honorable

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tainly as I would nausea to follow the exhibition of ipecacuanha, or

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Thus in those cases which occurred in adults a large proportion

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