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words. The case is one in which I was called in consultation
Yes, there are thousands who enter the temples that are dedicated to the
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the disease in the Philippine Islands, due to Streptothrix frceri, which they
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took about Ij minutes to fili its stomach, the female about
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the muscles supplied by the nerves of the medulla oblongata ; whence
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the oil was given twice a week in half-ounce doses, and the number of cases dis-
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of some retinal affection — r. g., hyperesthesia or albinism, or the result of
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tioned at all, whilst in the practice of modern physicians, and
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The dye is apparently absorbed very slowly from the subarachnoid
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the reduction in the blood sugar does not follow closely the dose
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manent aggravations of the disease. The gravity of these intercurrent com-
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It is only in their prognosis that they are diametrically opposed, in
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one which I saw with the loss of not more than a teaspoonful of blood,
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Solutions of adrenalin were prepared, in the strength of 1 to 100,000,
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both external carotids, we decided to attempt same upon this patient. Ac-
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the approach of the time when personal animosity and
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be shrouded in much obscurity. Nevertheless, as facial spasm may be a
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Deeoratini; Noah's .\rk .iiiil ))uttini; liead on .Sheni l.'M
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shaken by the shoulders, the dark mass representing this
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Differential Diagnosis.— This condition has to be dif-
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of cough gradually decrease in number and severity and lose their par-
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in man, it must draw down the jaw or lower lip, or raise the skin
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ing branch, before the departure of the innominata, and is more oom-
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in studying the morbid anatomy of the ovaries, to find
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diseases have usually been included — one a simple folliculitis,
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example, eighteen different herbs in one prescription, and
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