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Virginia Hospitals from 1962 to 1988, the authors found indications of a decrease in
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treatment of the gut after operation has been found
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It is probable that there are cycles in which peculiar
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of the fever. In the first ten days, before the mucous
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water and then with distilled water. When all directions for making
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cirrhosis of the liver. It appears in the form of a chronic cholan-
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Dr. Sherwell spoke of Dr. Piffard's refraction experi-
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ing worse, and began to have a diffuse abdominal pain. After
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Mustard Embrocations. 1. Mustard flour 4 oz., water of ammo-
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must be selected and used with great care. Washing out the
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In the February number of the "Annals" of the Anatomical and Sur-
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in this case, prove that when ague commences or reappears
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from material obtained at the operating table, more accurate knowledge
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fore legs developed. The respiration became disturbed be-
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1 . A form of indurated and circumscribed tubercle is frequently met
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stant song and desire was for the dark-haired baby. She
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receipt of outdoor relief, and his relations become
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Dr. Gerster thought the flap operation preferable in these
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She has had two children since the stricture existed. She has
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position, the tendons of the tibialis posticus and flexor longus digitorum are first
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Gram's method an important means of distinction from the pneumococcus.
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This thin mucous covering of the cicatrix consists merely of
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Physician Accoucheur to the Belfast Lying-in Charity, Phy-
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frequently observe, so has every one daily the opportunity of

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