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66 Stewart: Case of Bilateral Involuntary Movements

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Roy White Bixler, University Recorder and Examiner.

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We veritably believe that if one were to collect a lot of

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present. There had been no convulsions; she felt entirely well, and there had been

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mer. The earliest case in the Bitter Root valley was

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good in the case of children. He has frequently found that,

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terfering with the movements of flexion. The disease got

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entered into the variation in the transit of volitional impulses

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The same solution has not yet been proved to hold in login

and were the mere presence of a foreign body not suffi-

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country, carrying fear and desolation into many families. We hear of it

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often so severe as to require a distinct consideration. There is a rapid

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title of the first chapter of the fourth part of the Revised

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quently found. Sometimes these leukemic nodules appear as definite growths,

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maturation of the cells and of the tissues. In the case of

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been immunized to the typhoidal group). Clinically he

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Glasgow, and hitting, by a sort of felicity, on what

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may so overwhelm the organism that it does not respond with fever so may the leu-

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year for school furniture, alone, $1,668.67, an increase of

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instead of upward and downward (forward) angles. This series of

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median line. All these experiments, however, were made with the

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there were no changes inside. If of long standing, some por-

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In the centre of the yard, the paving of which had, from the heavy

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A good deal of the sickness on this station is ascribed to the recklessness and

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Reactions: Aminophylline moy produce intestinol cramps in some instances, and

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some other University entitled to give the Degree of Doctor

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torial illustrations, most of which were drawn, as is gener-

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events preceding his admission to the hospital. There

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